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Book Review: Turtles of the World

Turtles of the World
By Carl H. Ernst and Roger W. Barbour

(This article originally published on Turtletopia.com in October 2002.)

Format: Paperback, 313pp.
ISBN: 1560982128
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press
Pub. Date: September 1992
Edition Desc: REPRINT

If you’re really into turtles, this is a reference book you will have on your shelf. It has all 257 known species of turtles arranged by family, with identification keys for genera and species. The descriptions include recognition details, distribution, habitat and ecology, feeding, reproduction, and endangered status. The worldwide population decline is discussed extensively. And to boot, a few color photographs of select species, with plenty of b&w photographs of each species, anatomical line drawings, and distribution maps.

I consider this reference book suitable for both the specialist and the general reader. If you are a “green” beginner, you may want to stay away from this book until you really “fall in love”. But if you’re a book worm like me, or aren’t afraid of the technical jargon, this makes an excellent addition to the library!

In this book…

As you know, if you are familiar with the format of my reviews, this is the section where I would post the table of contents for a book. Due to the nature of this book (being that it is a reference book), I will not be posting the table of contents listing. That would be like posting the table of contents for a volume of an encyclopedia. Can you only imagine? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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