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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have much to be thankful for!

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October is update month!

This month, I’m taking the time to update the website with some of our older content that was never re-added to the site. There are a few more care sheets, book reviews and tons of turtle photos coming soon!


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Update: And Then There Were Three

You might have noticed we were posting regular features for several months and then last month things got a bit irregular. There’s good reason for that… We’ve welcomed a new baby into our home in September! So unfortunately, while we established a routine and got used to our new roles, some other things fell to the wayside, like this website.

But we’re back! And posting great photos, videos and turtle related goodies for your viewing pleasure. We hope you stick with us!

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Box Turtle Care and Description Sheets Up!

I’ve done a lot of work since last night…restored old links that are still active and I just posted the care and description sheets for the Common Box Turtle. Woot! Looks like the site should be back on track soon!

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Welcome to the new Turtletopia.com!

Surprised? In case you are wondering what happened to the old site, I noticed that it was some how borked since the last time I visited. Therefore, I decided to revive the site again and update it for the better.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be working on restoring all the old content to the site and making way for new content. I’ll also be updating the layout of the blog template as well.

For those of you who have visited before, this change might be quite a shock for you. For those who are first time visitors, please make sure to stop back again. Either way, I hope you continue to stop by again and again.

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