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Endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle rescued from Gulf oil spill…

NEW ORLEANS — Officials say the first sea turtle to be rescued from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is being cared for in New Orleans. Audubon Aquarium spokeswoman Meghan Calhoun said the endangered Kemp’s Ridley turtle was found by…

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Turtle restoration helps endangered species thrive

Conservationist Virginia Grimley holds one of the western pond turtles that will be released in the Columbia River Gorge this month. – Courtesy of the Oregon Zoo

“The Oregon Zoo is releasing nearly 60 endangered western pond turtles in the Columbia River Gorge this month, part of an on-going effort to restore a Northwest native that has teetered on the edge of extinction.

The turtles won’t be easy prey for bulldogs and bass. They’ve spent much of the year at the zoo under lights, which simulates perpetual summer and causes them to pack three years of growth into 11 months.

“The lights trick the turtles into thinking it’s still summer so they don’t go into hibernation,” said David Shepherdson, the zoo’s conservation program scientist. “The turtles grow and grow.”

Once the turtles reach a suitable size of about 70 grams, slightly more than two ounces, they are returned to their homes and monitored for safety.

“Since the turtles are larger, predators such as non-native bullfrogs and large-mouth bass are no longer threats,” Shepherdson said. “

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Fly Away Turtle

Recently spending a weekend volunteering at the Universidad de Guadalajara’s Sea Turtle Protection Station, smallflightlessbird took this great video that I just had to share:

Too cute. Make sure to check out the rest of his turtle photos from the trip.

Sea Turtle Rescue 911

How neat is this…if you’re in middle school or high school, your class can enroll in a Sea Turtle Rescue 911 program at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center at Jekyll Island. I wish they had this when I was in school. I would have campaign for this as a class outing.

(Photo courtesy of Georgia Sea Turtle Center.)

Watch out! Your turtle might be an arsonist

Make sure your smoke detector is fully functional…

Published: 25 Feb 2008

A COUPLE returned home to find their house had been set on fire by their TORTOISE.

Emma Fox had brought 70-year-old Fred inside when the pet came out of hibernation early.

Emma, 30, and partner Paul Butler, 45, left Fred – a female – in a tank under a heat lamp to keep her warm enough to stay alive.

But Fred piled her dry straw under the lamp and it caught alight, spreading flames through the house.


Yet again…plastic bag is the cause of turtle death

Found this article just yesterday:

27 Feb 08

AUTHORITIES have lashed out at irresponsible litterers after a giant green turtle was found choking to death off a Darwin beach yesterday.

The adult female _ believed to be about 40 years old _ was spotted in distress floating about 200m offshore in Fannie Bay.

It is believed she had swallowed a plastic bag.


Please, please, please! Don’t litter. It affects your environment more than you know.

(Photo by CLIVE HYDE)

Tiny Turtles Illegal in Florida!

Two turtles with one stacked on top of the otherWell…not quite yet, but as of July 1st, turtles smaller than 4 inches in length will be illegal to own. Stores have already stopped selling turtles as of last July, in compliance with a Florida state law outlawing the sale of exotic creatures.

The law comes from having so many red-eared sliders released into the local population. Being quicker on land and in water, the turtles are overrunning the locals and interbreeding, creating a new species of turtle.

So, while you may have a red-eared slider now, in the future you will have to apply to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for a free permit to possess the turtles. If you live in Florida and you own one, consider yourself lucky to do so.

(Photo courtesy of Elma Avdagic.)

CORRECTION: Thanks to reader Katrina, we’ve been informed that it was actually the sale of red-eared sliders that was banned in Florida due to their cross breeding with the native yellow-bellied sliders. Please see her comment below for the full details.

Turtle Hospital Tours at the South Carolina Aquarium

Behind-the-scenes look at a turtle hospitalHow neat would it be to get a behind-the-scenes look at a turtle hospital? Well, now you can! The South Carolina Aquarium has opened up there sea turtle clinic for tours so that you can see the care they give to sick and injured turtles admitted to their hospital.

From their website:

You’ll meet the current “patients in residence,” and hear from staff and volunteers about the types of treatment and daily care that help to nurse them back to health. You’ll also hear case histories of some of the nearly 25 turtles that have successfully been released back into the wild. Plus, you’ll learn what you can do to help keep the local sea turtle population healthy.

Thirty-minute tours operate this season every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m.; for advance tickets, call (843) 579-8600. Admission is $10 per adult, $5 for children (2-12). Reservations are recommended.

This sounds like an awesome opportunity as well as a great experience for young and old alike.

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Dress like a turtle for Halloween!

…Or you could just go hang out with a few for a good time (no costume required.) Tomorrow, there are two holiday events that are sure to be “spooktacular”!

From the Chicago Turtle Club website. (Event is in the Chicago area.):

Join your fellow turtle enthusiasts for an informal afternoon of turtle fun and knowledge. To celebrate Halloween, feel free to bring in your scariest turtle to thrill the gathered throng. As usual the public, children, and turtles are cordially invited. No turtle experience necessary. Free admission and parking.

Sunday, October 28
1:00 PM ’til 4:00 PM
North Park Village Nature Center Classroom
5801 North Pulaski Road – Chicago

For more information, e-mail Chicagoturtle@geocities.com.

From the Georgia Sea Turtle Center blog. (Event is held at Jekyll Island, GA.):

Looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit? Well, put on that costume and head on down to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center! This Sunday, October 28th from 12-5pm you can trick or treat with the sea turtles at the first annual Turtleween!

We will have turtle-inspired games and crafts for kids of all ages, including face painting, cookie decorating, pumpkin painting, and more!

Come in costume and get $1 off admission! All kids wearing their most creative, original turtle costume will be entered in our costume contest.

Bring your treat bucket or design one here, and come trick or treat with the GSTC staff. We will all be in costume and we hope you will too! You gotta come check out our costumes! We’ll give you a hint… what do sea turtles eat?

This event is free with paid admission to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. For more information, call (912) 635-4076.

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