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Get the Complete Turtle Guide Book!

I know many of you come here looking for advice regarding caring for your turtles and tortoises. It just so happens I found an excellent care book online called the Turtle Guide Book. The video above shows an overview of the book. The chapters include:

* Is a Turtle the Right pet for you?
* Common Turtle Profiles
* Getting Started with your Turtle
* Ongoing Care for your Turtle
* Breeding Turtles (something I have no idea about on this website)
* Looking After your Turtles Health
* Turtle Behaviour and Activity
* Training a Turtle
* Summary
* Best Buys
* Turtle Quiz
* Useful Turtle Links

You learn lots of information about caring for turtles and tortoises and all it takes is 30 minutes of your time. Go get more information on the Turtle Guide Book!

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